A musical based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew

Music by Stephen Schwartz, Book by John-Michael Tebelak

City College of New York

Director: Rob Barron

Scenic Design:  Tim McMath, in collaboration with "Introduction to Production and Design" students

Costume Design: Mary Myers

Lighting Design: Judith Daitsman


This show had a unique--and ultimately very rewarding--design process.  Director Rob Barron conceived of the show as being performed by residents of a depression-era shanty town.  Working with Rob, I designed the basic layout of the space and the billboard.  We then invited the students in my technical theatre class, as well as members of the cast, to do historical research and bring in found objects to create the shacks and lean-tos.  They brought in everything from pieces of furniture to scraps of lumber to cardboard boxes to old curtains. My students and I then worked collaboratively to use these raw materials to create the shanty town.  By the time the show was complete, each student had made a contribution to the look of the environment, guided by my overall vision for the set.