The Most [blank] City In America

by Andrew Morton

Flint Youth Theatre, Flint, MI

Directed by Jeremy Winchester

Lighting Designer: Drew Flordia

Costume Designer: Amber Marisa Cook


Livestream of the complete final performance can be viewed here.


"Tim McMath’s set design is quite impressive. An enormous and colorful reproduction of a Flint postcard takes up the entire backdrop. In front of it stands an almost life-sized version of the “Rock” emblazoned with “Flint Lives Matter” and surrounded by dirt, sand and scruffy plant life. And in front of that is a stream of flowing water representing the Flint River where the story begins." --Kathleen Kirby, Flint Stages


"The Most (Blank) City in America is an ensemble piece that combines puppetry, music, singing, dance, movement, improv and storytelling to try to capture the emotion of what it is like to live in Flint today… and to be of Flint. [...] The staging, with scenic design by Tim McMath, is an integral part of the storytelling. There is a postcard-like backdrop with the word Flint and pictures of the city in each letter. In front of that is a hard-baked ground with scattered leaves and weeds, signs of an urban block where green lawns are a thing of the past. Central to the stage is a stream of water, used to represent the Flint river. It’s an important part of the stage as no story of Flint today can be told without reference to water." --Bridgette Redman, Encore Michigan